Monday, August 10, 2009

Book Review Guidelines

I am honored you are interested in having me review or promote your book.  Please review my guidelines.

1. Please contact me through
2. Please include the title, author and a brief summary.
3.. I am most interested in reviewing  young adult and urban fantasy titles.  However, I will consider books in other genres. 
*Occasionally,  I am unable to review a book, but will still feature it on my Melting Pot Monday post.  Any additional information, such as a link to the author's website is very helpful.

What you can expect from me... 
1. An honest, but tactful review.  I owe it to my followers.
2. If you are providing an ARC, I will provide a review posted as close to the release date as possible.
3. Any books received after publication will be reviewed in the order they were received. 
4. Not only do I share my reviews with my readers, but I also post them on Amazon, Goodreads, Library Thing and Barnes & Noble.  If you would like a review posted in an additional place, please specify.

In addition...
I would love to do a brief interview to accompany a book review (if the author's schedule permits). 
Contests are always a welcome addition to an interview or book review. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Robert James Glider said...

Hi Elie,

You requested a copy of my novel, Golden Conspiracy - A Jacsen Kidd Mystery. I sent it but did not give you my web/blog site:

Robert James Glider

carmens007 said...

Hi Elie,
I'm Carmen Stefanescu from:
I signed to follow your blog. I'd be glad if you could honor mine, too.
I live in Romania, better known as Dracula's country. I am a teacher of English and German.

I sent you an email request. Please, check the spam/ quarantine folder as my emails very often go in there!
Best regards!

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