Friday, September 18, 2009

It's a bird, It's a plane, It's SciFiGuy!!

I am new to this world of blogging, but I have been quick in choosing my favorites.  I read these so frequently, that in my eyes, these bloggers are like celebrities.  So the other day when I noticed I had a comment on MY blog from none other than the SciFiGuy, well let's just say that I was REALLY excited. 

In case you have never visited his site, read on.  Doug, aka SciFiGuy provides comprehensive posts that share a wide variety of information.  He includes book reviews, interviews, contests, cover art and news that would put CNN to shame.  He is well versed, smart and he loves to read.  Can you imagine the size of his brain.  A book nerd like me finds this irresistible. 

So in conclusion, Cindy at Princess Bookie has her boyfriend of the week, but SciFiGuy is my cyber sweetie! SciFiGuy can visit my blog anyday!

Have you ever been starstruck by another blogger visiting your site?



starstruck? uhh not really, but I do admire them hehe. you're cute tho!

SciFiGuy said...

Heck Ellz keep talking sweetly like that and I'll be pulling up a couch and staying.

elnice said...

Thank for being a good sport SciFiGuy! Congrts on your award, you really deserve it!

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