Friday, November 27, 2009

Google Doc Entry Forms

As I attempt to get ahead on the entries for the Fallen contest, I realize I need to find a better way of tallying entries.  So I am trying to teach myself to use google docs.  I created a sample of random questions, could you fill it out so I can see it I did it right?   Thanks for your help. 

Thanks for the help, I got it figured out. You can expect to see the form from now on. It is better for your privacy, plus it will be so much easier to tally the entries.

Happy Reading!


Elie said...

Ha, I think it works. The page just has to be reloaded wierd. I can't click on the header to reload. Thanks.

Misty said...

I submitted for ya. The last question is cut off (spacial issue?), so I have no idea what I mildly like...

Zombie Girrrl said...

I ove the new entry forms! I want to have another contest just so I can use them! I don't if they make it easier for the contest host, but they're so nice for entering! =)
Glad your test was a success.

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