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Author Interview and Giveaway: Alyson Noel

Please help me welcome the talented Alyson Noel.  Alyson is the author of the Immortal Series as well as several other titles for teen and adults.   

1. For any new readers, could you please tell us a bit about your Immortals series?
AN: The Immortals series is the story of Ever and Damen, two, teenaged, star crossed soul mates who travel through time and battle against bitter enemies so that they can be together—only to be thwarted every time happiness appears to be within their reach . . . though they refuse to let that deter them!

2. The third book in the series, releases November 17th. What sort of adventures are Ever and Damen in for in Shadowland?
AN: At the start of Shadowland Damen and Ever travel to Summerland in search of an antidote to reverse a powerful poison that turns their touch lethal. But instead of the cure they seek, they find something far more sinister: the truth about their existence and the fate lying in wait of an immortal’s soul.

As Damen fights to save them from the Shadowland, Ever turns to magick, hoping to break Damen’s curse. Along the way she encounters the mysterious Jude Knight, and finds herself drawn to him in a way that will test her love for Damen like never before . . .

3. I have discovered that the name of the fourth book is Dark Flame. Will there be more Immortals books or spin-offs of the series?
AN: Yes! There will be two more books to follow Dark Flame, though they are still untitled as of yet, and in Fall 2010, Riley, Ever’s ghostly sister, will get her own debut in a middle grade, spin-off series!

4. Once upon a time, you were a flight attendant and lived in Greece. Have these life experiences influenced your work or have you needed to do extra research?
AN: Being a flight attendant and living in Greece were actually two separate events! I lived on the island of Mykonos for seven years—an experience I drew on when I wrote CRUEL SUMMER, then after leaving Greece, I moved to New York City where I worked as a flight attendant for a major airline—my adult novel, FLY ME TO THE MOON, was loosely based on those experiences.

For The Immortals series I did a ton of research, read loads of metaphysical books, went under hypnosis for a few past life regressions, and I even took a three-day psychic development seminar with world-renowned medium, James Van Praagh—it was fun, fascinating stuff!

5. I read that you write for adults as well as young adults. Are you working on any other projects you would like to share with us?
AN: At the moment I’m keeping so busy with The Immortals series and Riley’s new series, that I haven’t really had time for anything else. But I’ve got loads of ideas, so yeah, I’d love to write another adult book someday!


Thank you Alyson, for dropping in to answer some questions for us.  Congratulations on the release of Shadowland!  Good luck in the future. 

For more information on Alyson Noel and her books, visit her website

Looks great!  Can't wait?  Click here to purchase your copy of Shadowland!


Are you new to this series or did you love it so much you want a copy to keep?  I am giving away a brand new copy of Evermore, book 1 in the Immortals Series. 

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Good luck and Happy Reading!


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