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Interview: Laurie Faria Stolarz

I am excited to welcome the gifted Laurie Faria Stolarz to Ellz Readz today.  Laurie is the other of many books including Deadly Little Lies, which hits bookshelves today!

1. For any new readers, could you tell us about your Touch series?
LFS: DEADLY LITTLE LIES is the sequel to DEADLY LITTLE SECRET, (the first book in the TOUCH series). I’m really excited about it, because I think it has even more suspense, romance, and twists than the first book. Here’s a full description of DEADLY LITTLE SECRET:

Until three months ago, everything about sixteen-year-old Camelia's life had been fairly ordinary: decent grades; an okay relationship with her parents; and a pretty cool part-time job at an art studio downtown. But when Ben, the mysterious new guy, starts junior year at her high school, Camelia's life becomes far from ordinary.

Rumored to be somehow responsible for his ex-girlfriend's accidental death, Ben is immediately ostracized by everyone on campus. Except for Camelia. She's reluctant to believe he's trouble, even when her friends try to convince her otherwise. Instead she's inexplicably drawn to Ben...and to his touch. But soon, Camelia is receiving eerie phone calls and strange packages with threatening notes. Ben insists she is in danger, and that he can help – but can he be trusted? She knows he's hiding something...but he's not the only one with a secret.

2. Book 2 in the series comes out November 10th. What is in store for Camelia and Ben in Deadly Little Lies?
LFS: DEADLY LITTLE LIES starts up a few months after Ben’s departure at the end of DEADLY LITTLE SECRET. Camelia’s spent those months researching everything she can find on psychometry (the ability to sense through touch). Here’s a full description:

Last fall, sixteen-year-old Camelia fell for Ben, a new boy at school who had a very mysterious gift – psychometry, the ability to sense the future through touch. But just as Camelia and Ben's romance began to heat up, he abruptly left town. Brokenhearted, Camelia has spent the last few months studying everything she can about psychometry and experiencing strange brushes with premonition. Camelia wonders if Ben's abilities have somehow been transferred to her.

Ben returns to school, but he remains aloof, and Camelia can't get close enough to share her secret with him. Camelia makes the painful decision to let him go and move on. Adam, the hot new guy at Knead, seems good for her in ways Ben wasn't. But when Camelia and Adam start dating, a surprising love triangle results. A chilling sequence of events uncovers secrets from Ben’s past – and Adam's. Someone is lying, and it's up to Camelia to figure out who – before it's too late.

3. The concept of psychometry in the book is very original. It really makes your stories stand out among other YA titles. What inspired you to write this series?
LFS: I wanted to write a story where the main character has to struggle with the idea of falling in love with someone who could potentially be dangerous. I tinkered with this concept in the first three books of my Blue is for Nightmares Series [(Blue is for Nightmares (Llewellyn 2003), White is for Magic (Llewellyn 2004), and Silver is for Secrets (Llewellyn 2005), as well as in Bleed (Hyperion 2006)]. In Bleed, in particular, there’s a young male character who was convicted for the murder of his girlfriend. His next relationship consists of pen pal letters he exchanges with a young girl while he’s in prison. Without giving too much away, the relationship is briefly pursued once he is released, but I wanted to bring this concept to another level.

Additionally, I wanted to continue experimenting with the supernatural (which I also use in my BLUE IS FOR NIGHTMARES series as well as in PROJECT 17), showing how we all have our own inner senses and intuition, and how with work we can tap into those senses and make them stronger.

I started researching different types of supernatural powers and discovered the power of psychometry (the ability to sense things through touch). The concept fascinated me, and so I wanted to bring it out in a character, showing how sometimes even the most extraordinary powers can also be a curse.

Lastly, I wanted try writing another series because I love the idea of growing a main character over the course of several books.

4. Will this be the last book in the Touch series?
LFS: No, so far there are five books planned. Right now I’m running a contest for the release of DEADLY LITTLE LIES, the winner of which could have a minor character in DEADLY LITTLE GAME (the third book in the series) named after him or her. Check out the full details here: http://www.lauriestolarz.com/news.html 

5. Are you currently working on any other projects you would like to share with us?
LFS: In addition to working on the edits of DEADLY LITTLE GAME, I’m also working on DO YOU SEE, the third book in the AMANDA PROJECT.

6. Do you have to do much research for your stories?
LFS: I do a TON of research for my books. Once I did so much research that I became haunted by what I was learning and even considered backing out of the project (PROJECT 17).

7. You actually grew up in Salem, MA. Do you believe in real witches, ghosts and other paranormal beings?
LFS: Witches do exist in Salem. It’s a recognized religion and people take it seriously. Practicing Witches or Wiccans are regular people who have regular jobs and go about their regular lives. As for ghosts, yes, I suppose I do believe in unrested spirits.

8. Lastly, how do you unwind after a hard day of writing? Any guilty pleasures?
LFS: I love to do yoga, dance/aerobics, go for long walks, cook, watch movies, and watch lots of reality TV.

Laurie thank you so much for visiting and answering our questions.  Congratulations on your new release and best luck to you in the future!

If you are new to the series, here is the book trailer for the first book in the series, Deadly Little Secret. 

For more information on Laurie and her books, please visit her website
Click here to purchase a copy of Deadly Little Lies.


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Great interview! I'm going to put Deadly Little Secret in my to read list! thanks for the info!

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Great Interview! I really want to try the book!


Melanie said...

I really enjoyed reading this interview! I didn't know that Deadly Little Lies was part of a series. I'll plan on reading Deadly Little Secrets first. Psychometry is a very interesting subject. I love the concept!

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I love Laurie Faria Stolarz! I love how original her books are! I can't wait to get my hands on Deadly Little Lies! I really enjoyed reading the interview.


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The books sound great. I will adding them to my wish list.

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Thanks you for the great interview. I really enjoyed learning more about Laurie and her writing. Thank you Laurie for sharing. And thank you for the trailer too.
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Fun interview!

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This was an interesting interview. What a great idea for a book, very original. I am adding this one to my wish list.

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