Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Kidz Korner (2)

This is a special post to help you share a special book with the  little ones in your life. Some of these books would make great holiday gifts!  They will be reviewed by myself and my two sweeties (5 and 2). Children's books can be expensive, so we will give you some ideas of books that are worth your money.

Tails by Matthew Van Fleet, Skip Skywarek (Editor) , Skip Skywarek (Director)

recommended age range: 3 to 7 years
(Summary from Hardcourt Press) A colorful collection of tails for eager toddlers to touch, tug, and even scratch-and-sniff. Matthew Van Fleet's lovable menagerie features furry tails, spiny tails, shiny tails, and tails that wag—all designed to inspire and withstand hours of interactive play. While pulling tabs and opening gatefolds, little tail tuggers can also learn to count from one to ten. Tails is so full of action and fun that even parents will revel in repeated readings.

Matthew Van Fleet is a very talented children's author.  Some of this titles include: Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings, Alphabet, and Cat.  This story involves all 5 senses.  It is constructed very well and after years of reading, out copy is still in great condition.  The story even includes a counting game at the end of the book.  Children at many ages will enjoy this colorful story. 

This story is full of tabs to pull and push, fuzzy, rough, and soft textures, and even some stinky scents.  The text is full of rhyming words, repetitious language, and humorous situations.  Emerging readers will enjoy this adventurous book, while the younger ones will love the pictures, textures and friendly animals. 

Justin's Two Cents (my son always has his say)...
My favorite part is where the pigs swats the flies away with his tail. 

Click here to see an interview with Matthew.

Books make great gifts!


Jackie (Literary Escapism) said...

My son loves the Van Fleet books. He loved Spotted Yellow Frogs and the Alphabet (or it was the ABC book, but you get what I mean).

carolsnotebook said...

I love this book. I bought it for my niece a couple of years ago.

The Couch Critic said...

This sounds great. It is such a great idea to make these book interactive. It keeps the little readers actively engaded.

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