Saturday, December 5, 2009

Challenge: Bottom's Up 2010

As I look at my TBR stack (s), I can't help but notice the shiny ones at the bottom.  You know which ones I mean, when you bought them or won them they looked so exciting.  But slowly, little by little they made their way to the bottom and can't seem to find their way up. 

The Bottom's Up Challenge is simple.  Each month, take 2-3 titles off the bottom and read them.  So that would be...let's see...12-36 books in a year's time.  That should make a dent.  If you would like to participate, leave your name in the comments.  I am working on a button and some prize incentives. 

Happy Reading!


Kathy Martin said...

My TBR stack has reached 427 books. I would like to participate in your challenge. My goal will be to take 2 books from somewhere near the bottom. Now, if I could just stop adding more to the top of the pile....

gapyeargirl123 said...

I'd like to participate. My TBR pile is actually comparatively small. It's the 'to buy' list that's huge. I'd like to get rid of my TBR pile at some point this year (ha!) - if it could last even a few weeks, that would be something. So, yes, I'll play! *g*

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