Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Interview: Michelle Rowen

Today we are joined by the lovely Michelle Rowen.  Michelle is the author of several books including The Immortality Bites series, a Harlequin Blaze book and an exciting new YA series to name a few. 

1. Could you start by telling us a little about your young adult release DEMON PRINCESS: REIGN OR SHINE?
MR: Sure! REIGN OR SHINE is about a girl who learns that the father she’s never met before is actually a demon king. Now that the news is out that she’s heir to his throne, not everybody’s happy about that and Nikki finds that her life is in danger. Helping to guide her is Michael, a cute otherworldly guy who has a bunch of secrets of his own that she has to figure out as she does her best to control her new demon powers and try to make sense of all the bizarre things now happening to her.

2. Did you have to do much research for this book? For example, did you have to pull out your old yearbooks and reminisce about your high school years?
MR: LOL, no I actually didn’t pull out my yearbooks. Scary!! However, it does help that I’m mentally still very much the same person I was when I was in high school. I can remember all too well what I was feeling back then when it came to dealing with friends, boys, popularity (or lack there of) and other problems. These days high school life is a bit different, of course, so I actually do have a subscription to Seventeen magazine at the moment to help me stay on top of teen issues, fashions, etc.

3. I recently read that you are hard at work on the next DEMON PRINCESS book. How many books are currently planned for the series?

MR:  Yes, REIGN CHECK, the second Demon Princess book is all done and will be out June 2010. I should be seeing the final cover for this very soon, actually. I honestly don’t know yet how many books there will be in the series. I’m hoping for about six or so. In fact, later today I’m planning to sit down and take some time to figure out my future character arcs and where I want the plot to go. Sometimes I don’t really know what a book will be about until right when I start working on it, but for a series I’ve learned (the hard way) that it’s a really good idea to plan things out ahead of time. Much like planning a trip across the country -- it’s nice to have a map so you don’t get lost!

4. You also have a very successful adult series called IMMORTALITY BITES. Was it hard to make the transition from adult to young adult novels?
MR:  Not difficult at all, actually. I get into the head of my main character and try to see the world from her point of view. In Immortality Bites, that was a 28 year old woman and in Demon Princess it’s a 16 year old girl. I’ve been both, so I just draw on those experiences to help with my writing. However, my writing voice in both books is pretty much the same.

5. Are you currently working on any other projects that you would like to tell us about?
MR:  I have a couple of things in the works right now. My new paranormal romance series begins next May with THE DEMON IN ME, a humorous, romantic take on demonic possession. :-) I go darker with my urban fantasy duology NIGHTSHADE that’ll be out in 2011 under the pen name Rachel Connor. I’m also writing some spicier romance books for Harlequin Blaze, which have been a whole lot of fun.

6. Were there any songs that gave you inspiration while writing Reign or Shine?
MR:  Yes! I always make up a “soundtrack” to go along with each of my books to help inspire me. A couple stand-outs that were also inspiration for the second book are Keep Holding On by Avril Lavigne, Hot ‘N Cold by Katy Perry and See You Again by Miley Cyrus.

7. Your stories include paranormal creatures such as vampires, werewolves and demons. What is your favorite paranormal being?
MR:  I don’t know if I really have a favorite. If I absolutely had to choose, it would probably be vampires because there are just so many great books and movies and TV shows that involve them. I am an admitted Twilight addict.

8. What is your favorite way to unwind after a long day of writing? Any guilty pleasures?
MR:  I watch way too much television, and I have to say that most of it is reality. Lately, though, I’m preferring the performance shows, ie: So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol to the personality based ones -- ie: The Bachelor, Survivor. They seem really scripted and focused so much on conflict that it seems forced and kind of fake to me. And why watch reality TV if it’s fake?

Michelle, Thank you for visiting us today.  Congratulations on your success and much more in the future.

For more information on Michelle and her books, please visit her website
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Unknown said...

Thank you for the excellent interview. I loved learning about what is coming out for Michelle. *gets warm fuzzies at the thought of more great books to read*
Thank you to Michelle for sharing and to Elie for the great questions.
Happy Holidays,

Toni Springsteed said...

Wow I didnt realise you had so many different genres I am way excited to read them all. Put them down in my TBR journal.

ReaganStar said...

I have had this book on my tbr list for a bit,

I love how Michelle uses Music while shes writing to really get into the book.

Cindy said...

great interview :)

Alyssa Kirk said...

Fun interview. Vamps are my favorite too. Sounds like a good read and I'd love to get my hands on Tall DArk and Fangsome so count me in. Love the title...so creative!

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