Friday, December 25, 2009

The Fallen Army

Here is one publicity stunt I am sorry I missed.

Recently,  the Fallen Army took to the streets of London with their very own Fallen Angel to spread the word that
Angels are the new Vampires!

The army targeted shoppers outside Topshop, Oxford Circus then walked down Regent Street to Piccadilly Circus handing out copies of the books – in total the army gave out 150 copies! Each book contained a specially designed Fallen postcard directing people to the fiercebook site. The Fallen Angel braved the freezing temperatures and attracted quite a crowd!

The army then popped into the Heat offices on Shaftesbury Avenue and gave a copy to one of the girls from Heat plus one to the lovely receptionist who let the photographer take lots of snaps in the office. More magazine are also based there so the army personally delivered them a copy too. After leaving a few copies lying about on tables in reception the army left to a chorus of ‘There’s a naked man in reception!!’ from a group of ladies peering round the office doors.

Finally the army walked through the Christmas Market on Piccadilly to the small courtyard behind and took a few final photos of their brooding Fallen Angel.

So what's your take?  Are Angels the new Vampires?

Be sure to check out Lauren Kate's Fiercebook page on Facebook for more teasers.


Elie said...

I love vamps. I think they will always be my favorite. However, I must say that the Angel stories have been a refreshing change. I wonder if they will stick around for a while.

Julie said...

The vampire trend seems to be falling away since Breaking Dawn's rush ended. I think vampires will always be around, but angels are going to be the next big trend.

Anonymous said...

Probably, there is a rising trend of fallen angels books coming out. I don't see as many new vampires books anymore. Angels, zombies, and demons seem to be popping up more nowadays. I like that authors are trying different things, variety's fun. :D

Lee Smith said...

Maybe it has to do with Anne Rice's comment ~ did you hear about that? She claimed (and I'm going from memory - so it's not a quote or anything) something to the effect that vampires exhibit many of the characteristics of angels and she thinks they are kind of a substitute for a generation that is spiritually empty and seeking God. She thinks this is why so many vampire books, shows & movies lately have painted them in a heroic light ~ such as the Cullen "family" and Edward in particular.

I don't know what I think about her theory. I've always found them intriguing myself...

misskallie2000 said...

I believe vampires will always be around, but angels are going to be the next big trend. Everyone loves angels and they will continue to be favorites because everyone must have hope in their lives. Angels on high means hope to many and in this day and time hope is very important.

That was some stunt they pulled in Merry Ole England..

Zombie Girrrl said...

@ Lee Smith: Wow. Ann Rice makes a great pint, and I think I have to agree with her. Vampires have been shown in a very heroic light, and I think shemay be right about why. That's some real food for thought.
At first I thought zombies would be the new vampire, but I think I was a little off the mark. They might have gotten too big to fast, because it's starting to feel more a fad than a trend. :( This doesn't mean I'm gonna change my name to "Angel Girrrl", though. I'm still enamored by the walikng dead and have yet to read two zombies books that were alike. :)
I hope that angels are the new vampire, though, because vampires are geting a little tired. I think we need to let them crawl into their collective coffin for awhile and rejuvinate some of their old charm. Either that or we need to cast them in a more negative light again to shake things up. It's like Lee said, they've been forced into a heroic mold, and I think that having them as villains again would be a refreshing step in the right direction. Lili St. Crow is doing it in the Strange Angels series to great affect.
Great question, BTW!

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