Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

As we get closer to the big day, I am finding myself short on time.  I have company coming in and I am heading North a few days after Christmas in search of snow!  I do have several posts prepared so be sure to visit.  Here a few things to watch for...

* The rest of the 12 Blogs of Christmas + the winner post (after New Years)

* Some great interviews and maybe a giveaway or two
12/21 Bree Despain
12/27 Molly Harper
1/5 Michelle Bardsley

*More inked covers

*A few book reviews

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday and Happy New Year!


Book Snob said...

Snow? I love snow. I just got a foot last night!!

oO Mariana Oo said...

Happy Holidays!!!

Juju at Tales of said...

Merry Christmas. I love your Santa graphic :)

Star Shadow said...

You have an award waiting for you over at Star Shadow

Alexia561 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alexia561 said...

Happy Christmas! And if you're looking for snow, we got a bunch last night you can have! :D

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