Friday, January 15, 2010

Bottoms Up feature-Emily

I am hosting my first reading challenge this year. The Bottoms Up 2010 Reading Challenge requires you to read off the bottom of your TBR pile. You can still sign up, follow the link for more information.

I wanted to take the chance to feature the people who have signed up for the challenge. Each week, watch for a new mini-interview from a different participant. Be sure to stop by their blog and cheer them on!

This week will feature Emily from What Book Is That?

1.Please  tell us a bit about yourself.
E:  My name is Emily, and I'm a teacher! I teach young kids (3-5 years old) and easily my favorite thing about my job is inspiring the kids to love book, learning, and trying new things. I'm reminded of myself just about every day. When I'm not working with kids I like to cook, make things, and have adventures.

2. Please tell us about your blog.
E: My corner of the blog univese is What Book is That? ( I review mostly paranormal romance and urban fantasy books, but I read a little bit of everything so you never know what you'll find. I also like to spotlight illustrated books through my Illustrated Friday feature. I've been blogging since August 2009 and am loving it!

3. What kind of books do you like to read?
E:  Mostly I read paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but I like a little bit of everything- young adult, science fiction, fantasy, historical, mystery, nonfiction, you name it. A good cover blurb or recommendation goes a long way in getting me to read something.

4. OK, time to come clean. How many books are in your TBR pile?
E: My TBR pile is kind of ridiculous right now- I easily have over 300 books. That just counts books I actually own, not library books, borrowed books, books I want to read, or anything like that. Getting through some of the books I own is one of the reasons I joined this challenge actually.

5. What is your reading goal for the Bottom's Up challenge?
E: My goals for the Bottoms Up Challenge were to read 3 books from my TBR pile per month; if I don't get through the books by the end of the month, then I'm giving them to someone else (either Paperback Swap or the public library.) I've accumulated a lot of books over the years and it's time to let some of them go if I'm never going to get around to reading them.

Emily, that is a great idea.  Not to mention that creates good book karma.  Thanks for participating!


Kathy Martin said...

Great interview! Emily has a good idea about getting books read or moving them out for someone else to read.

I have never investigated Paperback Swap -- but I don't want to swap, I want to end up with fewer books, not just different ones. I think I may start running contests to just give away the ones I won't ever get to.

Elie said...

They do have a tendeny to multiply, don't they. Actually goodreads started a swap program that I prefer. The requester pays for shipping, rather than the giver. (In case you change your mind)

Zombie Girrrl said...

That is good book karma!
Her TBR makes mine feel like small fish! I can't imgine reading 300 boks in one year! @.@

Juju at Tales of said...

Cute. This was like Bookaholics Anonymous.

Whats your name? Juju
Why are you here? Because I'm addicted to books :)

Elie said...

LOL, JuJu, that was funny.

Will Mallette said...

I've never done a bottom's up challenge, but it sounds interesting. As a published author of a fantasy trilogy, I welcome you to add my latest book to your TBR pile, The Magic of Fuller, book one, "Keeper of the Stone".

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