Friday, January 29, 2010

Bottoms Up feature-Kristina

I am hosting my first reading challenge this year. The Bottoms Up 2010 Reading Challenge requires you to read off the bottom of your TBR pile. You can still sign up, follow the link for more information.

I wanted to take the chance to feature the people who have signed up for the challenge. Each week, watch for a new mini-interview from a different participant. Be sure to stop by their blog and cheer them on!

This week will feature Kristina from The Cajun Book Lady.
The Cajun Book Lady

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself. 
K: My name is Kristina aka Kris or The Cajun Book Lady. I'm the mom too 2 energetic kids and wife to guy who puts up with my book addiction LOL! I'm an avid reader! I also enjoy scrapbooking and dabbling in photography.

2. Please tell us about your blog.
K: Well my blog is all things bookish...I started reviewing (about November or so) because while my family loves me, they don't get my book addiction. I like to let others know what I think about what I read so it works out.. You'll notice about my blog that there isn't much negativity...mostly because I won't read stuff that I don't think I'll like. I'll tell you if it wasn't my favorite but I'll also let you know who I think would like it. I love to do Giveaways and Q&A's with authors also so come check it out!

3. What kind of books to you like to read?
K: I like quite a few genre's actually. I love all things paranormal, urban fantasy, contemperary romance, horror...I basically read it all if I think I'll like it.

4. OK, time to come clean. How many books are in your TBR pile?
K: Yeesh...are you gonna make me count? That could be scary!

OK OK I have around 100 in my TBR pile but I find some really good deals and I just can't pass them up!

5. What is your reading goal for the Bottom's Up challenge?
K: Well I would like to read at least half of them so we'll say my goal is 50 books. Sound good? I hope I can do it! 

Wow, 100 books.  Sounds like you have your work cut out for you!  Thanks for participating. 

Happy Reading.


The Book Owl said...

Good interview. I like the idea of featuring someone new every week. Can't wait to see how the challenge goes!

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