Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kidz Korner (7)

This is a special post to help you share a special book with the little ones in your life. Some of these books would make great holiday gifts! They will be reviewed by myself and my two sweeties (5 and 2). Children's books can be expensive, so we will give you some ideas of books that are worth your money.

Just A Quilt? by Dalen Keys
Age Range: 4-8 years
ISBN 978-1-886068-34-6

Just A Quilt? is a delightful story about a six-year-old boy and his imaginative uses for his prized quilt that his mother made for him. This tale explores and integrates the creativity of a child and the security of home. Enjoy the youthful freedom when imagination is not limited and his quilt becomes so much more than Just a Quilt. This is the first children?s picture book by Dalen Keys who collaborated with Kim Sponaugle on the beautiful illustrations. Just A Quilt? has a colorful dustcover over a blue hardback with gold lettering.
My thoughts...My mother is an avid quilter, she has created some incredible pieces that I will cherish for years, my kids, well...they don't appreciate them as much as I do. But, after reading this book, the quilts have taken on new life.  The book illustrates the child's quilt being used as a racetrack, superhero cape, a magic carpet, and a armor for fighting dragons among other creative ideas.  Kim Sponaugle, the illustrator, created vibrant, colorful pictures that jump off the page.  The text is easy to read and interesting.  This is a very cute story perfect for kids of all ages. 
To learn more about this author or to purchase this book, visit Dalen Keys' website.


Charlotte (The Book on the Hill) said...

Looks cute ! It's amazing how much imagination kids have (and we had as kids). Ah, the memories of a time when if you were given a bit of fabric you could end up with ten stories to tell and act. :)

Oh, but wait, I'm still like that ! Yay !

Playing by the book said...

I have a guest post going live next week that is all about kids fiction books which feature sewing and quilts so I'll have to come back and link to this when it goes live!
Last year was the year of the quilt for me - having never made any before I think I made a total of 5, and the best bit about them is how they've been used by the kids - for curling up in, for making dens, for wrapping up their toys, for providing dance platforms! All good stuff :-)

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