Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kidz Korner (8)

This is a special post to help you share a special book with the little ones in your life. They will be reviewed by myself and my two sweeties (5 and 2). Children's books can be expensive, so we will give you some ideas of books that are worth your money.

The Way I Feel  by Janan Cain
Age range: 2-8
ISBN-10: 1884734715
ISBN-13: 978-1884734717

This was the first book by author and illustrator Janan Cain.  The Way I Feel uses lyrical verses to talk about children's feelings and emotions.  The pages are brilliantly decorated with bold. colorful designs. 

Here is an example of some of the poems:
Angry is how I feel right now,
I shout with a mighty roar.
I mostly want to frown and growl
and stomp upon the floor. 
(goes with the red illustration)

Once upon a time I taught elementary school.  I used this book in several lessons.  It also would be great for a child with autism.  The bold colors, rhyming passages and expressive pictures would be effective to any learner. 

I was unable to find a website for the author, but the book can be ordered from Amazon.


Becky said...

I think this would be a great book to add to the school library.

chelleyreads said...

these is great book!! i remember reading this to my kindergarteners and my third graders when i was student teaching.

ck.twilighter (Chasity) said...

I always recommend this book, among others, to all the moms at a website I work for!!!

When ever a mom asked for help on a matter I always say find a good book to read to and with their child. I read this book many times over the years!!

Great book!!!

Another book that I love love love is "A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon" I am going to post up that book next week on my blog.=)

Thank you for always sharing these wonderful children reads!!!

Linda Carlson said...

Delighted to see how many of you like The Way I Feel! It should be available in your local bookstores or you can order from Parenting Press at Select "Teachers" from the top menu and then navigate to "Classroom Activities" and you'll find a how-to-draw plan created by author Janan Cain. Ideal for classroom, library, bookstore, youth group or home-schooling. We have also created downloadable note cards with art from the book. AND, guess what? The Way I Feel is now available in Spanish. And watch our web site or e-mail for news of Mrs. Cain's new book later this year.

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