Thursday, January 28, 2010

REVIEW: Bite Marks by Jennifer Rardin

Jaz is possessed. After biting the neck of a domyter during a forced visit to his territory, she now has unwelcome voices in her head. While fighting for supremacy in her own mind, she finds herself confronted with a near-impossible task: perform perfectly on her next mission or face the unemployment line.

Click here to read an excerpt from Bite Marks. 

My thoughts...I am a series reader.  Picking up a book  from a series is like having lunch with an old friend or (wiggles eyebrows) an old flame.  In true Jaz Parks style, Jennifer Rardin does not disappoint with the sixth installment in this action packed series. 

Jaz and her team find themselves trying to save the Space Program.  She also finds herself with some extra company who makes their mission even more difficult.  All of my favorites are around to take part in the action including Cole, Cassandra, Raul, Vayl and Bergman.  He was my favorite in this book, we really see him start to come out of his shell.  I love the new side of him and I am continually impressed with his inventions.  Big props to Rardin for her latest idea, I want one for myself.  As in the other books, the team dynamic made the story interesting, funny, and even emotional at times.  

Although the plot seemed slower than previous books, a lot happened.  This book seemed to be a turning point in the series.  There were plenty of fight scenes with high-tech weapons, magic from Cassandra and her Enkyklios, and wit from Cole.  The end had a smooth finish, but definitely left the reader itching for more.   For any new readers, I highly recommend going in order.  The characters have developed so much at this point that you need to know their history. 

The cons...I have two small issues with this book. I am a devout Jaz Parks fan but this one did not hold my attention as well as the others.  I am not a huge fan of Science Fiction.  I love the vamps, witches, and all the paranormal creatures but aliens and mutant larvae are close to the edge for me.  That being said, little green men did not come down from Mars, I still enjoyed the story.  Secondly, I kept forgetting what mission they were trying to preform.  There were so many subplots that were much more interesting. 

Overall, I am a huge fan of the Jaz Parks series and I do recommend this series to new readers, especially if you like urban dark fantasy.  If you are already a Jaz fan, you need to read this book because the there are some huge events that I believe will shape the rest of the series. 

Cover LOVE?  I like the covers in this series in general.  This one is not my favorite of the series, but not my least favorite either.  I do think they do a great job of reflecting the story and the heroine. 

For more information about Bite Marks and the other books in the Jaz Parks series, visit the author's website

The Jaz Parks series reading order...
1. Once Bitten, Twice Shy
2. Another One Bites The Dust
3. Biting The Bullet
4. Bitten To Death
5. One More Bite
6. Bite Marks
7. Bitten In Two (coming soon)

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Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

Ohh, definitely sounds like I need to try out this series! Thanks for the great review. Bite Marks sounds fast-paced and action-packed, though I admit mutant larvae are a bit on the edge for me too. *shiver*

Donna said...

You have an award! Come get!

Melissa said...

Great review! I've never even heard of this

miss cindy :) said...

I've never heard of this series, but it sounds like a fun read! Great review :)

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