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YA review: Cat The Vamp by Christina Martine

They never imagined the temptations of power, love and blood...

As a child, Catherine Taylor never understood why her parents were so secretive and distant. After the death of her grandmother, Cat’s parents take her to a mysterious castle called Blacklune. They explain to her that they, and she, are vampires, part of a hidden community co-existing with humans. Now that she’s of age, Cat will be initiated into the community and undergo a period of training in its methods and morals, along with several other vampire students her own age.

At Blacklune, Cat meets a young man who had appeared to her in dreams, Morgan. She and Morgan form an instant bond, but success with their vampire lessons doesn’t come so easily. Tempted by the lure of blood and the powers they now have, Cat and Morgan push the limits over and over, ignoring the concerns of their classmates and the scolding of their teacher, River. As they become ever more reckless, Cat and Morgan risk going too far. It’s only when serious harm comes to someone else that they realize they have to control themselves--and it may be too late. (summary from

Click here to read an excerpt from Cat The Vamp. 

My thoughts...Cat the Vamp is not your typical young adult vampire novel.  This book reaches beyond sparkly vampires and romantic blood exchanges.  It is dark and dangerous.  Catherine, affectionately known as Cat, is a new vampire.  She learns at the young age of 18 that she is being sent off to receive special training so she can learn to about her new life.  While there,  she makes some new friends, including a very handsome young man named Morgan.  Morgan and Cat instantly bond, in a very erotic ceremony, and quickly discover that they crave each other and the very thing that gives them vitality,blood.  The desire for blood becomes an addiction and they have to find a way to control themselves and try not to hurt anyone in the process. 

The characters in the story were interesting.  The author, Christina Martine, did a great job of evolving them through the stages of dependency.  The story line kept me interested and turning pages.  I found myself gasping on occasion, in complete disbelief at the actions of the characters.  While the plot is similar to other YA vampire tales, it had several very unique twists.  I enjoyed the setting of the story.  The majority of the book takes place in an old castle full of secret passage ways, dark corridors and mysterious rooms.  One of my favorite scenes is an initiation ceremony which takes place in the ballroom.  The author did a brilliant job of describing the candlelit room full of mysterious people dressed in black capes.  The dark side of the story really set it apart from others that I have read. 

The cons...I enjoyed the story, but I do believe it should come with a huge warning. The characters in the story do use some strong language and there is a large amount of drug and alcohol use.  Also, there are several graphic sex scenes.  Parents of younger readers may want to review this book first or use it as an opportunity to discuss the pressures and issues teens face. 

Cover LOVE?  I think the cover is very plain, rather boring.  The picture is significant.  Cat spends quite a bit of time writing in her journal, and her necklace is shown, but if I saw this on the shelf, I wouldn't even pick it up. 

About The Author:  Christina Martine was born on October 22, 1988 in Vancouver , British Columbia , and penned her first novel at the age of 13. She began reading The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice and was immediately hooked. Christina read more vampire literature and found a common trend throughout the genre: most vampires were immortal and could be killed by sunlight. There were not very many modern vampire books available with original ideas, so at 17, she began writing Cat the Vamp. Intrigued with the idea of “real vampires,” she set out to create a novel that would reach vampire fans all over the world. Her unique vampires-who can walk out in the sun unscathed-with life energy deficiencies and blood addictions are sure to set one’s heart racing. She currently lives in British Columbia .

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Kari (Flamingo1325) said...

Great, honest review. I just got this one in the mail this week for review and I agree- the cover really isn't wowing but maybe I'll enjoy the story.

Book Monster said...

Never heard of this book ,but it looks interesting. I agree with the cover statement!!

Becky said...

It certainly sound like an interesting premise but I'm not books with explicit sex scenes. I'm not sure it fits well into the YA bracket. It certainly wouldn't in the UK. Great review.

Book Crazy Jenn said...

I agree with your thoughts on the cover though the books sounds good and review was awesome :) It totally sounds like one I would want to read...

Juju at Tales of said...

I'm on a self imposed vamp diet but this sounds good.

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