Friday, February 12, 2010

LOVE day 2

Today is the 2nd day of LOVE from Ellz Readz. 

The prize for today is for the OLDER READERS.  These books are NOT YA titles.  I am giving away 8 books that contain adult content.  There will be one winner.  A few of the titles are...
Original Sin by Allison Brennan
Getting Physical by Jade Lee
and Red Kiss by Deidre Knight
These should put a bit of steam into your Valentine's Day. 

To enter, compete the form.  For an extra entry, spread the word.  (must be a different link for each contest so tweet again, or stick it on your sidebar this time-be creative)

(US/Canada-this package is fairly heavy)
Giveaway ends Feb 19.
O=something for the older readers


s7anna said...

I don't know how you manage to keep arranging such wonderful giveaways and still put up great posts. Kudos.

Melissa said...

Brilliant, as usual :)

vslavetopassionv said...

you rock!


vvb32 reads said...

v = voracious readers?
e = enchanted readers?

The Lavender Daisy said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting by my blog for Friday Follow! I'm following you back :) Looking forward to reading your book reviews! Hope you have a great weekend!

Beverly said...

Hey there - I follow your blog and I was wondering if you could tell me how you got your great buttons for the challenges. I would love to know how to create the button that keeps track of how many books in a certain challenge I have read. Thanks so much.

jacabur1 said...

Another wonderful day of Love and I am one of those Older readers so light my fire with a book please filled out the form and now am fanning the flames!!!!

jackie b central texas

Another Daydreamer said...

Great giveaway! Just found you through Friday Follow. :-)

Carol L. said...

Great contest. Love the O for the older reader. :)
Happy Valentine's day
Carol L.

booklover0226 said...

Thanks for the great giveaway.

Tracey D

dor said...

Everyone have a super valentin's and yes, You rock. Great site..

Rita A. said...

Great giveaway.

misskallie2000 said...

Awesome giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

I have not read any of these so I will be in a reading frenzy should I win..LOL

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

annalisa said...

Love your giveaways! I liked your "O" for older readers. That made me smile. :)


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