Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winner and correct answers!

The Winner of Love day 4 is...your going to have to keep reading to find out!

Here were the correct answers...

1. Where would Aden take a date on Valentine's Day?
C. To watch a movie in his room. Would kinda spoil the mood if the walking dead interrupted dinner out.
2. What kind of romantic gift would Aden give his Valentine?
B. A time-traveling trip to the past
3. How would Aden end a date?
C. A kiss hot enough to burn
4. Where would Sam take a date on V- Day?
A. The bookstore or the candy store -- his two favorite places.
5. What kind of romantic gift would Sam give his Valentine?
A. Probably a dreadfully emo song or poem.
6. How would Sam end the date?
C. With a chaste kiss, a worried look, and possibly turning into a werewolf

7. Where would Patch take a date on V-Day?
A. To a pool hall for a game of pool, with a flirty bet thrown in.
8. What kind of romantic gift would Patch give his Valentine?
B. The plain silver chain he wears around his neck that was given to him when he was an archangel
9. How would Patch end the date?
B. He wouldn't. He'd walk his date to the door...then invite himself inside with the promise of teaching her how to make tacos.

10. Where would Daniel take a date on Valentine's Day?
B. Daniel would take Luce to a site of one of their former lives, one of their former dates, maybe a hot air balloon ride or a sunset on the beach. He would recreate everything just like it had been in the past, from the clothes they wore to the food they ate or the song they listened to on the drive.
11. What kind of romantic gift would Daniel give his Valentine?
A. The physical gift would be something small, something that belonged to her in a former life that Daniel has held onto. A piece of jewelry she used to wear in the eighteenth century, or a scarf she wore in the seventies.
12. How would Daniel end the date?
C. Duh. An incredibly long, hot kiss!

Special Thanks to Lauren Kate, Becca Fitzpatrick, Maggie Steifvater, and Gena Showalter for helping me with this contest! 

There were three people who got every one correct, they were...
Brodie, jmspettoli, and Lucia.  You three really know your stuff!

So, each person got one entry for each correct answer.  Thanks to google docs, I quickly came up with each person's number of entries.  There were a lot!  actually 548 to be exact. 

Ok so the winner of their choice of book (up to a $15) is...KatieDoll.  Check your inbox!  congrats everyone, thanks for the great participation.


Lucía said...

Congrats Katie!!

Wow I answered all right 0.0

misskallie2000 said...

Congrats Katie!!

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