Thursday, March 18, 2010

Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference

A while back, I heard about the Book Bloggers & Publishers Online Conference hosted by Romance In The Back Seat.  This 3 day event will have panels that will discuss information to help you improve your blog.  Here is a quick video to give you more information...
Not only will members of the blogging community and authors be there, but also publishers such as Penguin, Simon &Schuster, The Eternal Press, The Wild Rose Press, and more!  The panels will be recorded, so if you are busy this weekend,  you can go back and listen to them next week. 

Here are a few panels I think sound interesting...

*Review Information - What Publishers Want
Hear what publishers look for when they search your site. What questions do they want answered in a review policy? Find out from them.

*What Bloggers/Reviewers Want
Let's face it, blogging is a time consuming labor of love. What can the Publishers do to make our lives easier? Here is your chance to let them know what YOU think needs improvement.

*The Legal Side of Blogging
See what a lawyer has to say about the new FTC regulations and what they mean to bloggers/reviewers. What are we required to list on our blogs and what is just good practice.

For more information, to view all the panels or to register, visit the official conference website
The events start tomorrow, so register today!


Anonymous said...

Good info! I will check this out--thanks :)

Juju at Tales of said...

I'll be there :D

Christina T said...

This sounds like a great conference. Thank you for sharing about it.

By the way, you have an award on my blog.

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