Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Interview: Carolyn Crane

I am so excited to be able to introduce you to debut author Carolyn Crane.  Her novel, MIND GAMES, hits shelves today!  That's right.  Today is her RELEASE DAY and she is here with us!  I loved this book, be sure to read my review and follow the links after the interview to order your own copy!

1. Please tell us about your debut novel Mind Games.
CC: First, Elie, thanks so much for having me! Especially on my release day—it means a lot. Okay, MIND GAMES is the first book of an urban fantasy trilogy—it’s one of those Urban Fantasy tales with a strong romance at the center. The action takes place in a fantastical Midwestern city that is a mix of Chicago and Milwaukee, but not like either of them. The storyline follows the adventures of Justine Jones, a hypochondriac heroine who joins a psychological hit squad and enters a world of mystery, moral dilemma, and forbidden love.

2. I love a strong heroine, how would you describe Justine Jones?
CC: As a crime fighter, Justine is a lot more like Monk than Anita Blake. She fights with her mind, and relies mostly on her wits, her emotions and her sense of right and wrong. So, she’s sort of strong in a different way. She has a lot to overcome, too. I think people with the odds stacked against them are some of the strongest people, even if they only just manage to get through the day.

3. Book 2 (Double Cross) comes out in September of 2010. What are your plans for the Disillusionist series beyond that? Are you working on any other projects?
CC: I’m working on book #3 right now and that’s the end. Sometimes I think about spinning books off from it - maybe one about this character Simon. (My critique partner’s idea!) but I have other projects, too. I have a paranormal romance started, and an idea for a cozy mystery series.

4, How do you keep track of world building?
CC: I have this little notebook for each book where I write stuff like that down. It’s like the brain of each book, and I am paranoid about taking it anywhere. My world building isn’t that complex. Though one interesting thing is that, in a lot of reviews, people got this one small detail wrong about how the powers work, but I realized I never really specified it, and I liked everybody else’s idea better, so I changed it. It becomes important later. You know something amusing I heard the other day is that Jim Butcher sometimes looks on fan wiki’s to remind himself of details.

5. Your character Justine in a hypochondriac. Did you have to do much research on that subject?
CC: Not at all, because I used to be a terrible hypochondriac, so I sort of know all about it, though I had a different set of fears from Justine, and I would never go to the doctor the way she did—I’d just sit around and worry a lot. An old friend of mine was the kind who would go to the ER. One really convenient thing about hypochondria is that it tends to be about fear and imagination, so you don’t have to do too much research to simulate how a character like that would think.

6. Given the choice, which type of paranormal being would you want to be?
CC: Oh, good question. Definitely a shifter bird. I think a shifter seagull might be nice. Or a hawk. Though, I wouldn’t be too excited about eating mice.

7. A man in a long trench coat approaches you on the street. He whips open his jacket and you see...VIALS! He is selling magic potions for health, love, beauty, wealth, anything you desire. Which kind of potion do you purchase?
CC: LOL! This is like one of those trick genie questions, Elie!! And then you pick wealth and find out you are trapped in a space capsule. Okay, can I have happiness? Doesn’t that sort of trump the others? I’ll take happiness! Also might like a clean home, too.

8. Lastly, what is your favorite thing to do in your spare time? Any hobbies?
CC: I really like to read - does that count as a hobby? I used to make jewelry and barrettes, but I don’t have time for that anymore, though I have an idea for a necklace to make out of HELP keys off trashed keyboards of mine that I’ve been collecting. I also like jogging.

Great interview Carolyn, congratulations on your new release, it is awesome.  I can't wait to read Double Cross in September.  Thank you for taking the time out to interview with me. 

For more information about Carolyn Crane, visit her at her website or her blog, The Thrillionth Page
**Mind Games is on sale TODAY!!  Follow these links to order a copy from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


Carolyn Crane said...

Thanks so much for having me Ellz! On my release day! This was really fun.

Chris said...

*waves at CJ and Ellz*

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Great interview.

Natasha A. said...

Thank you for the interview! Congrats Carolyn on your release!! I can't wait to read it!

fredamans said...

Great interview! Love the cover, and that's a great start! I look forward to reading it.

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