Tuesday, March 30, 2010

OMGosh! Check This OUT!!

The INSIDE OUT website is LIVE!  There are tons of interactive features.  For example, there is a quiz.  My new occupation...A LAUNDRY SCRUB-go figure.  Plus you can also read the first three chapters of the book.  Visit the site and let me know what your new job will be!

Here is the incredible trailer for Inside Out by Maria V. Snyder.  Enjoy!

Maria V. Snyder's latest hit will be on book shelves TOMORROW.  But follow this link to order your copy from Amazon today. 

Also, you can visit Maria's author website for more infomation about the books and some maps of the Inside.  You can follow this link to read my interview with Maria!


Helen M said...

What a totally cool (and creepy) website! I did the quiz and it says my answers don't fit into one of their categories so I am an Invalid...go straight to the chomper. That just doesn't sound good, does it?! :-)

Elie said...

LOL, no that does not sound very promising. I will save you Helen. LoL-have a great day!

Kate said...

Lol. I got invalid too. :(

Kathy Martin said...

I am a Dishwashing Scrub which is rather ironic considering how frequently I actually do dishes at home. "Have we run out of knives? OK, I'll do dishes."

a girl you once knew said...

D: I need to report to the Chomper. I don't like the sound of that. Where's Trella? I'll tag along!

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