Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WoW: Bite Me a Love Story by Christopher Moore

2010 is going to be an incredible year for book lovers.
I have been waiting for what seems like forever for this third book in the
San Francisco Vampire Trilogy.  If you are new to the series,
 these books are histerical.   
Waiting on Wednesday was started by Jill from Breaking the Spine.

Bite Me
By, Christopher Moore

Abigail Von Normal, nonperky, mysterious teen queen of the San Francisco night scene and backup mistress of Tommy, the unintentional Vampire is back to lead you through the 3rd book in the San Francisco Vampire trilogy. Learn what happens to Tommy, Jody, the Vampire Flood, Chet the Enormous Cat, The Smurfette, the Animals, and all your other favorites!

Follow this link to read the first two chapters of Bite Me a Love Story or visit Christopher Moore at his website.
You can preorder this title from popular bookstores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Here are the other two books in the series.


Juju at Tales of said...

Funny covers! Very pop art :)

Jessilyn said...

very cute covers

Miriam said...

Ok this has caught my attention right away! I keep telling myself to read what I have but then I see these - funny vampire books with cool covers, so how can I say no!? If you like these I'd recommend 'The Reformed Vampire Support Group' by Catherine Jenkins. It involves vampires, but with a twist, and it is a funny book (with a cool cover). Thanks so much for posting this! x

Misty said...

I really need to read these.

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

I never realized that this was a series. I've read You Suck, but I thought it was this stand-alone, hilarious vampire tale. Now, I'll need to run to the bookstore and pick up Bloodsucking Fiends as well.

J.T. Oldfield said...

I'm going to go see Christopher Moore read next week. I'm really excited!

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