Friday, March 5, 2010

YA review: The Stillburrow Crush by Linda Kage

Sixteen year old, Carrie Paxton, isn't the most popular girl in her small town. But that's never concerned her before. Her life revolves around her writing and she loves her job as the student editor of the school paper.

But when she gets assigned to interview the football team's beloved quarterback, she takes one look into Luke Carter's blue eyes and is a goner. Suddenly, she doesn't like her lowly rank so much.

Then her dreamy, popular crush surprises her when he starts to act as if he likes her in return. But there's no way Luke Carter could possibly ever like a nobody like Carrie Paxton.

Is there?

Follow this link to read an exerpt from The Stillburrow Crush.

My thoughts...I was pleasantly surprised by this book.  This turned out to be one of those books that I could not put down and stayed with me, even after I finished the last page.  The story was well very written.  The plot is classic, Romeo and Juliet-different worlds, un-approving people, secret meetings, but it felt very current.  The dialog between the characters, the situations they were in, and their emotions made the story very believable.  While the story line could be guessed, at times it surprised me and kept me interested.  While this is a story about first love, I felt like it was also a story about life, the decisions we make, and the circumstances we have no control over.

I fell in love with the characters in The Stillburrow Crush.  Carrie is a very down to Earth teenager who lives in the shadow of some brighter stars in her little town.  Luke, who initially seems like he would be a jerk, quickly became one of my favorite characters.  The reader gets peeks early on of a softer side of him.  The lives of the characters were written in a way that I could see them vividly.

The cons...The only qualm I have is with the end of the story.  It was not a bad ending, but I would have liked to know what happened next.  Even something like 10 years later.... 

Overall this was a fantastic read.  I would recommend it to readers of all ages who are fans of YA chick-lit. 

For more information about the author Linda Kage, visit her website
The Stillburrow Crush can be purchased from booksellers such as The Wild Rose Press or Amazon.

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Nina said...

It sounds like a fun read. I do have to say that the cover is not that great! Thanks for the great review.

Juju at Tales of said...

Great review :) I love that you do eBooks :)

Blaize said...

So glad you liked it, Elie!

Lauren said...

I haven't heard much about this one, so it was great to get the heads up from you here. Sounds like a sweet read.

Asylumgirl said...

It was great, wasn't it?

Like you, it would have been nice to have a small epilogue. Guess she wanted to leave it up to the reader's imagination.


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