Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Debut Urban Fantasy Challenge

I have decided rather late in the game that I am going to participate in Dark Faerie Tales Debut Urban Fantasy Challenge.  Why?  After seeing a post with the featured books, I realized a few of these are on my list and I LOVE Urban Fantasy.   Plus, isn't the button hot!

The goal is to read 15 debut UF titles in 2010.  Here is a list of some releases so far...
1.Spider’s Bite
2.Night Tides
3.Shadow Blade
4.Don’t Kill The Messenger
5.Mind Games (review)
6.Shade Fright
8.Shadow Marked
9.Hunted By The Others
10.Touched By An Alien
11.Blood Law
12.Dark Oracle
13.Red Hot Fury
14.Black Blade Blues
16.Master of None
17.Frost Moon
18.A Devil In The Details
19.Grave Witch
20.Death Most Definite
21.Shadow Bound
23.Queen of Shadow

I will add to this list as the challenge host does.  I will link my reviews to the list.  I hope I can cover 15!  Any authors or publishers who would like to donate a book, I would love to give you a review!
Happy Reading!


Chas @ LLL said...

I've been eying this challenge as well! I am like you where most, if not all, of those books are on my wishlist.

Have fun!!=)

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