Thursday, April 29, 2010

Review: Bite Me (Love Story #3) by Christopher Moore

Abigail Von Normal, nonperky, mysterious teen queen of the San Francisco night scene and backup mistress of Tommy, the unintentional Vampire is back to lead you through the 3rd book in the San Francisco Vampire trilogy. Learn what happens to Tommy, Jody, the Vampire Flood, Chet the Enormous Cat, The Smurfette, the Animals, and all your other favorites!

The city of San Francisco is being stalked by a huge shaved vampyre cat named Chet, and only I, Abby Normal, emergency backup mistress of the Greater Bay Area night, and my manga-haired love monkey, Foo Dog, stand between the ravenous monster and a bloody massacre of the general public.

Whoa. And this is a love story? Yup. 'Cept there's no whining. See, while some lovers were born to run, Jody and Tommy were born to bite. Well, reborn, that is, now that they're vampires. Good thing theirs is an undying love, since their Goth Girl Friday, Abby Normal, imprisoned them in a bronze statue.

Abby wants to be a bloodsucking fiend, too, but right now she's really busy with other stuff, like breaking in a pair of red vinyl thigh-high Skankenstein® platform boots and wrangling her Ph.D.-candidate boyfriend, Steve (the love monkey). And then there's that vampire cat Chet, who's getting bigger and smarter—and thirstier—by the minute. Abby thought she and Steve could handle the kitty cat on their own, mais non . . .

Before you can say "OMG! WTF?" Tommy and Jody are sprung from captivity, and join forces with Abby, Steve, the frozen-turkey-bowling Safeway crew, the Emperor of San Francisco and his trusty dogs Lazarus and Bummer, Abby's gay Goth friend Jared, and SF's finest Cavuto and Rivera to hunt big cat and save the city. And that's when the fun really begins.

Follow this link to read the first two chapters of Bite Me. 

My thoughts...It is been a while since I visited the world of Christopher Moore.  It is a place of quick wit, snarky behavior, and snappy characters.  This book starts off with Abby and her high-tech boyfriend living in the loft.  Things get a bit hairy when Chet, the vampire cat, starts making more vampire animals.  The town of San Francisco seems to be under attack.  Readers will get to see their favorites, including Jody, Tommy, and the Animals.  We also get to meet Okata, who turned out to be one of the deepest characters in the book.

The plot of the story moved at a slow pace for me, it was too easy to put down.  The Vampire animals was funny at first, but quickly seemed to consume most of the book.  The POV jumped around a lot which left me a bit dizzy.  I had a very hard time reading Abby's chapters.  She is a young character, with obvious identity issues, but her vocabulary went from funny to irritating withing a few chapters. 

Overall, I am glad I read this final book in the trilogy.  It did provide some much needed and long-awaited closure.  If you plan on reading Bite Me, read the other two in the series first and read them together if you can.  The last book would be most enjoyable if you were already in the rhythm of Moore's writing.  The series is sure to provide some good laughs and a fresh look at the Vampire scene. 

For more information of Christopher Moore and his books, visit him at his website.  For fun, check out his cover gallery.  This shows the international cover for all of his books.


elizabeth said...

Thanks for the review! I still need to read this book :)

Dottie (Tink's Place) said...

Hi Elie!

I have this book sitting on my shelf right now. I've read the first few pages, but I'm having trouble getting deeper, lol! I love snark and YA (hey did you download Marta Acosta's new YA? Right now it's a free read @: Marta's always fun and snarky! I hope to really get involved with Bite Me this weekend. It sounds good, if I can mesh with the writing style.

Thanks for a great review!

Dottie :)

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