Saturday, April 24, 2010

SheWolf Challenge: All Things Werewolf

It is Werewolf weekend at vvb32reads, so here is something fun for you...

This is your one stop post for all things werewolf.   I have compiled a list sites to help you lead your life of lycanthropy. 

Communicating with humans will be an issue, so you will need to work on your drawing skills.  Follow this link for a tutorial on how to draw yourself.  Once you complete your picture, you can personalize it with pink bows or a spikey collar.  Here's mine...
Not sure about the latest fashions?  WikiHow tells you How To Get That Werewolf Look.  This includes tips on dressing and behaving like a perfect wolf.  For example...
If wearing jewelery, it should depict a wolf or be simple and naturalistic. The most common form of wolf jewelry is some form of pendants and belt-buckles. However, silver jewelery tends to be discouraged. Try for something like a wooden charm, or a simple charm bracelet.

Lastly, in case you find yourself in a dangerous situation with another werewolf (or vampire for that matter), Fictionpress offers The Vampire and Werewolf Survival Guide.  This should help keep you safe in any situation.  Happy Howling!

pic from deviantart

Do you have something wolfy to contribute?
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vvb32 reads said...

LOL - love the purple nail polish. and i imagine gold bling is best.

fredamans said...

Awesome post!!!

Love the look!! The hottest wolf around!!

*wolf whistles*

Beth said...

so adorable.

Mary Ann DeBorde said...

Mary D

LOL - those pink ribbons are 'just' the thing!!!

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