Friday, May 7, 2010

Bottoms Up Feature: Jennifer

I am hosting my first reading challenge this year. The Bottoms Up 2010 Reading Challenge requires you to read off the bottom of your TBR pile. You can still sign up, follow the link for more information.

I wanted to take the chance to feature the people who have signed up for the challenge. Each week, watch for a new mini-interview from a different participant. Be sure to stop by their blog and cheer them on!

This week's feature is about Jennifer from Rayment's Readings, Rants, and Ramblings. Stop by and check out what is going on with her Charity Auction.

1. Please tell us a bit about yourself.
JR: I'm a married mom of 2 boys, Jake and Jesse. My oldest boy, Jake, has a mild form of Spina Bifida. I work Full Time as a Library Technician at the Humber College Library just outside of Toronto, ON. I actually just turned 40 Wednesday (May 5th) but I sure do not feel (or act like it) like I am 40.

2. Please tell us about your blog.
JR:  My blog is a mish mash of book reviews, contest mentions and a lot of ranting and ramblings about anything that is on my mind at the time. I also like to post pictures of hotties on Wednesday and some times just some cute pictures of my kids. Every Monday my 8 year old boy, Jake, and I review books together. It's a great bonding experience and I think it will really help him with his schooling as well. That and it pisses off my non-reader of a husband : ) I also have another blog ( that focuses on our life with a child with spina bifida and some of the charity work I do for the Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario.

3. What kind of books to you like to read?
JR: My favorite genres are paranormal, romance, YA and kids picture books. I will read anything by Julie Kenner!

4. OK, time to come clean. How many books are in your TBR pile?
JR:  I have 33 books on my pile currently and I will not read anything new I get until that pile is complete. Although I have been tempted since Scholastic just sent me the second book in the Hunger games trilogy

5. What is your reading goal for the Bottoms Up challenge?
JR:  My goal is to not buy any books until that pile is done. So far so good, since I have been receiving tons of books from contests and from publishers to review.

I am excited to hear you are making such great progress in the challenge.  Good luck with your auction. 


Natasha A. said...

Hi Jen!!!
I can't wait for your upcoming raffle!! Should be fun! :D
See you tomorrow! :D

Lisa and Laura said...

LOVE Jen! And what a great idea to interview all the participants. Have a great weekend!

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