Friday, May 21, 2010

Fangy Friday

In honor of the start of True Blood Season 3, which officially starts June 13, I am going to do a few mini features about the show.  I will do my best not to give away any spoilers about the season events. 

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We will be seeing a new face around Shreveport in season 3. Joe Manganiello has been cast to play the role of Alecide Herveaux.

You may recognize this cutie from shows such as One Tree Hill and several episodes of How I Met Your Mother. 

This new addition is hot enough to set me off baying at the moon. 


Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

Season 2 finally came up on On Demand. Yes I have seen it but with the DVD's not being out yet grrr (Tuesday I know), I was seriously jonesing for it! I am excited about season 3!

Jennifer (Crazy-for-Books) said...

HOT, HOT, HOT!! I saw this pic in my Reader and I HAD to comment! Wowza! LOL

Juju at Tales of said...

You got me with those abs :)

Kelly Peres said...

2 words huba huba!! :P


Christie (The Fiction Enthusiast) said...

Oh wow! He is lovely isn’t he? I think he’ll make a perfect Alcide. I’m so excited about the new season.

Tara SG (25 Hour Books) said...

Oooh what a great Alcide! I cannot wait for the 3rd season to start!!

GMR said...

THAT'S where I recognized him from...ONE TREE HILL. He was the bar tender/love interest of Brooke, right? Nice pic... ;0)

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