Friday, June 18, 2010

Fangy Friday (4)

Did you see it?  The Season 3 premiere?  I didn't.  It is on my DVR and I have not had enough free time or energy to watch it.  (sighs)

For this week's Fangy post, I found covers for the comic books.  True Blood's Nest displayed the images and sent me over to HBO's shop for more details.  So here they are...

They look kind of scary.  The third definitely looks more like Anna Paquin than the first two.  The first  release will be available on July 21, so if you want one, better preorder it now.  Visit the HBO store for all kinds of True Blood merchandise.

So do you like the comic covers?


Dawn said...

Oh yes, I saw it. Definitely wait for the energy to watch it - it's worth your full attention :-)

vvb32 reads said...

i love these covers. wonder how its illustrated on the inside. i agree, the third cover looks closer to anna. but i don't mind other versions of sookie.

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