Monday, June 7, 2010

Melting Pot Monday

The Secret Of The Glass
by, Donna Russo Morin
Historical Fiction
March 2010

At the dawn of the 17th Century, the glassmakers of Murano are revered as master artisans, enjoying privileges far beyond their station, but they are forced to live in virtual imprisonment, contained by the greedy Venetian government who fears other countries will learn the intricacies of the craft…and reap the rewards.

Sophia Fiolario, the comely daughter of a glass making maestro, has no desire for marriage, finding her serenity in the love of her family and the beauty of the glass. She learns of its secrets at her father’s side, where a woman is forbidden to be. The life Sophia loves is threatened by the poor health of her father and the determined attentions of a nobleman who could and would never love her but seeks to possess her wealth and the privilege it affords. Thrust into the opulent world of the Venetian court, Sophia becomes embroiled in the scheming machinations of the courtiers’ lives. The beauty of Venice, the magnificence of the Doge’s Palace, are rivaled only by the intrigue and danger that festers behind their splendid facades. As she searches for an escape, she finds the arms of another, a man whose own desperate situation is yet another obstacle in their path.

Amidst political and religious intrigue, the scientific furor ignited by Galileo, and even murder, Sophia must do anything to protect herself, her family…and the secret of the glass.

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Finding Marco
by, Kenneth C. Cancellara
June 2010

Mark Gentile has an awakening in the middle of a meeting when realizes his ambition for success has eclipsed his ambition for happiness. During a prickly power struggle with associates, he is deeply disturbed by the sinking notion that he has been compromising his ethics for quite some time, and instantly he knows that he needs a radical change.

Sun-drenched memories of adventures in his hometown of Acerenza, Italy, summon him to his birthplace for a period of reflection. With the blessing of his family, he resigns from his company and departs for Acerenza to reexamine his choices in life, as well as reconnect with what matters most: old basic customs, internal rewards, childhood memories.

The lush descriptions of the Italian countryside, family traditions, cuisine and wine are much more savorous with the knowledge that the author was merely drawing upon his own experience.  (summary from

For more information, including preorder links, visit the official website of Kenneth C. Cancellora.


Tales of Whimsy said...

Interesting finds :) I love this feature.

vvb32 reads said...

sounds like a good one. i like venetian glass. beautiful.

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