Monday, June 21, 2010

Melting Pot Monday

ZAN-GAH: A PREHISTORIC ADVENTURE. For young adults ages 11 and up. An exciting, enriching, and deeply moving story of a youth who struggles with the difficulties of his primitive world and achieves manhood and leadership. *The Midwest Book Review "Children's Bookwatch": "Highly recommended for young adult library collections." *St. Louis Jewish Light wrote: "[Zan-Gah] is told with such verve, energy and style that it will appeal to readers of all ages....Shickman's lively imagination is obvious on every page. The power of Shickman's words becomes apparent in the very first chapter. Heart-pounding prose." *"I could read it over and over."––says Sam L., age 13. Distrib. by Bookmasters, Inc.. (Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Follett). ISBN 9780979035708
ZAN-GAH AND THE BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY: The prehistoric saga continues as Zan-Gah and his disturbed twin brother, Dael, come into conflict. When their clan migrates to a new Beautiful Country, Dael’s furious violence, joined with the magnetic power of his personality, precipitates division and an unwanted, preventable war. Zan’s task is to restrain his brother’s destructive and self-destructive tendencies, leading him to peace and recovery in the bountiful new land. But it is not to be, despite Zan’s efforts and those of two strong female characters. Themes of war and peace, tribal conflict, traumatic stress, gender roles, sibling rivalry, bereavement, redemption. Distrib. by Bookmasters, Inc. (Ingram, Baker and Taylor, Follett). ISBN 978-097903571-5

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Noah's Castle
by, John Rowe Townsend
Young Adult
May 2010


The coming winter was going to be a bad one - and not because of the weather.

Sixteen-year-old Barry Mortimer's life turns upside down when his father suddenly moves the family from their comfortable modern home in the city to a decaying old mansion on the outskirts of town. Strange and mysterious events follow.

Why isn't anyone allowed to visit their new home? What is Father doing in the basement and why is he keeping it a secret?

As rumors of skyrocketing prices and food shortages become a full-fledged economic meltdown, Barry's world begins to crumble. Can his family hold together as a nation collapses around them?

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