Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Special Feature: Daniel and Luce: The Perfect Date by Lauren Kate

I am very excited to present you with a very special piece Lauren Kate wrote exclusively for Ellz Readz.  For all of you who, like me, are anxiously awaiting the release of Torment, here is a little behind the scenes with Luce and Daniel.  Let's take a peek at their "Perfect Date".

The Perfect Date
By, Lauren Kate

“Come on,” Daniel said, hopping out of the car and coming around to open Luce’s door. “Let’s take a walk.”

They ambled to the end of the street, which led to a steep, rocky staircase going down to the water. The air was cool and moist with sea spray. Just to the left of the steps, a trail led away. Daniel took her hand and moved to the cliff’s edge.

“Where are we going?” Luce asked.

Daniel smiled at her, straightening his shoulders, and unfurled his wings.

Slowly, they extended up and out from his shoulders, unfolding with an almost inaudible series of soft snaps and creaks. Fully flexed, they made a gentle, feathery fwump like a duvet being flung over a bed.

His wings never failed to leave Luce speechless.

They were enormous, spanning three times his height, and curved up into the sky and to either side like broad white sails. Their broad expanse caught the light of the stars and reflected it more intensely, so that they glowed with an iridescent shimmer. Near his body they darkened, shading into a rich earthy cream color where they met his shoulder muscles. But along their tapered edges, they grew thin and glowed, becoming almost translucent at the tips.

Luce stared at them, rapt, trying to remember the line of every glorious feather, to hold all of it inside her for when he went away. He shone so bright, the sun could have borrowed light from him. The smile in his violet eyes told her how good it felt for him to let his wings out. As good as Luce felt when she was wrapped up in them.

“Fly with me,” he whispered.

Her answer was a kiss. She laced her fingers around his neck, holding him as tightly as she could.

With her back pressed to his chest, and his head over her shoulder, Daniel traced a line of kisses down her neck. She held her breath, waiting. Then he bent his legs and gracefully pushed off the edge of the cliff.

They were flying.

Away from the rocky ledge of the coastline, over the crashing silver waves below, arcing across the sky as if they were soaring for the moon. Daniel’s embrace shielded her from every rough gust of wind, every brush of ocean chill. The night was absolutely quiet. As if they were the only two people left in the world.

“This is Heaven, isn’t it?” she asked.

Daniel laughed. “I wish it were. Maybe one day soon.”

When they had flown out far enough that they couldn’t see land on either side of them, Daniel banked gently north, and they swooped in a wide arc past the city of Mendocino, which glowed warmly on the horizon. They were far above the tallest building in town and moving incredibly fast. But Luce had never felt safer or more in love in her life.

And then, all too soon, they were descending, gradually nearing a different cliff’s edge. The sounds of the ocean grew louder again. A dark single-lane road wound off the main highway. When their feet touched down lightly on a cool patch of thick grass, Luce closed her eyes. She never wanted it to end.

Torment will be in bookstores in September, 2010.  Follow this link to amazon to preorder your copy.  For more information about Lauren and her books, visit her at her website or visit her Fiercebook page on facebook

*Very special thanks to Lauren Kate for the guest post and Lauren at Random House for setting up this event! 


Lena said...

That was brilliant. I loved it. So sweet, so sweet. EEEP! Daniel and Luce are so sweet together!

Anonymous said...

That was a great teaser. I am ready for Torment now. Thanks for the post.

Jena said...

Wow, that was amazing. I want to read that now now now! Thank youuu :)

The Norwegian BookGirl said...

That was a great post!! Loved it.

You have a wonderful blog as well, I love the design.

How do you manage to get frames in the blogposts? Like the one you have around Kate's text.

Mikaela said...

i can't wait to read torment...i'm really addicted to fallen and now i'm really excited for september 28th..!!!!

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