Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cover LOVE?

I recently got a tweet from author Kevin Breaux.  His first novel, Soul Born, comes out in November.  It is an epic fantasy.  Check out this cover...
November 2010

All Opal wanted was to be respected as a wielder of magic, but her teachers passed her over time and time again. When a mysterious warlord embarks on a conquest to destroy the lands of Illyia Opal seizes an opportunity to step out from the shadows of her instructors and take her rightful spot among them.

Tala, an alluring young elf, was banished from her tribe, hunted and nearly killed by the beasts that dwell in the deep forests, but more than anything else she is a survivor. Joining forces with an ancient elemental power Tala finds herself in the center of an unrelenting human war.

Flesh like leather and bone as strong as steel Karn, a veteran from the first kingdom to fall, is fueled by vengeance. While pushing ever headlong into battle Karn begins to recall memories of another life; ghosts that haunt his dreams.

Through death of soul, their world is born.
(summary and image from author's press kit)

**A note of interest to all you cover art fans.  This cover was done by Dan Dos Santos, who also did the cover for Patricia Briggs' Rivermarked.  This one was featured on my Saturday Got INK? post.  He would be an interesting person to interview.  Hmmmm. 

For more information, visit Kevin at the Soul Born website. 

So what do you think?  Are you in cover LOVE?


Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Way cool. And something about her face reminds me of Anna Paquin.

Elie said...

JuJu, I didn't notice that before, but I agree. She looks fierce and strong willed.

kevinjamesbreaux said...

That is so funny, because she is modeled off Bijou Phillips, but just yesterday I saw Anna Paquin too. Wow. Elie, Opal is fierce.

Thanks for this post!

Kevin James Breaux

Darlyn said...

Ohh..I love the eye brow. That is gorgeous darling..(Read it like Tyra Banks in ANTM)LOL

van_pham said...

love the cover!! The synopsis sounds reallly good too, definitely will be buying this book when it is released!

Mishel (P.S. I Love Books) said...

Totally see the Anna Paquin reference! And I gotta admit I'm in total cover love over this one!!

I really like the sound of the novel too, I'll have to check this one out =)

kevinjamesbreaux said...

Soul Born's release date is 11/30/2010. Very soon!

I had one person who read it say Soul Born is fantasy with a twist. That's pretty cool. Thanks again Elie!

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