Thursday, August 19, 2010

CSN review: Laptop Sleeve

As part of my review for CSN stores, I decided to look for a case for my shiny, new laptop computer.  In case you didn't know CSN has over 200 stores which sell anything from popcorn makers to platform beds .  So it was a tough decision, but I found this...

This laptop sleeve comes in two sizes, 15 and 17 inch.  My screen is the latter and I was worried my selection would be limited.  However, CSN had quite a few covers to choose from.  I love the colors and the pattern on this one.  I was excited it was the right size!

The sleeve arrived quickly and the first thing I noticed was the plush inside.  
I also noticed that is very well constructed.  Its zipper and seams seem to be very sturdy.  I am very pleased with the sleeve.  There is only one thing I would change about it.  I would add a small inside pocket for a thumb drive or a wireless mouse adaptor.  However, I carry this sleeve inside my messenger bag, so it has not been an issue.  This is a great product for anyone with a laptop.  

Oh, and it makes a great hat too! :)
(My daughter loved "petting" the inside) 

*A big thanks to CSN stores for allowing me to review this product. 


Juju at Tales of said...

How cute! I want one :)

Lea (YA Book Queen) said...

I love that! The inside is so nice too, you won't have to worry about it scratching your laptop.

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