Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CSN review: Let's Eat

In addition to donating a $60 giftcard to my blogoversary giveaway, the wonderful people at CSN stores allowed me to review some products.  After many hours shopping through their over 200 stores with everything from bookshelves to platform beds, I found this...
Rachel Ray Lasagna Pan

I like making lasagna, but my pans are never big enough.  I barely get two layers and it is oozing over the sides.  This pan solves that problem.  It is so deep, you could easily make four or more layers of lasagna.  We tried and well, see for yourself...

Coming out of the oven...smells yummy!

The big reveal.  Now mind you my Mom made the lasagna, I can take no credit.  (honestly, I had homework).  The cheese was perfectly melted, the edges perfectly cooked.  This went right in the oven, no messy tray to clean up underneath. 

Dinner is served.  We had company for dinner and my Mom's pal said "I want one of these.  This is what I want for Christmas.".  It is very nice attractive on the table, a great conversation piece.  Plus it cleaned up quickly and easily. 

This is a great product!  CSN stores shipped it quickly and safely.  The price was right.   It is a quality piece that is a must have for your kitchen.  You could cook anything in this pan, not just lasagna. 

By the way, need a good lasagna recipe, check out this post.  Special thanks to CSN for allowing me to review this pan.  Happy Eating!


Anonymous said...

Looks good. I love the color of the pan and the huge handles. Great review.

mountie9 said...

That looks amazing, I love the handles and I also have the same problem with everything oozing over because it isn't deep enough, I think I am going to order one

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