Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Interview: Tate Hallaway

Please help me welcome the very talented Tate Hallaway.  She is celebrating the release of her new Young Adult series. 

1.Your new Young Adult series begins in August with Almost To Die For. Please tell us about the Vampire Princess Series.
TH: The series revolves around Ana Parker, a high school teen Witch living in Saint Paul, Minnesota, who discovers she’s half-vampire when dad shows up half-dead (or maybe half-Undead) on her doorstep on her sixteenth birthday.

2. What are your plans for the series? Are you working on the next installment?
TH: The next installment is in the can, as they say in the movie business. The second book is called ALMOST FINAL CURTAIN and you could describe it as Glee meets Vampire Dairies. Ana, among other things, is a theatre geek and the second book involves more vampire/witch bits combined with a high school musical.

3. You just completed your Garnet Lacey series with Honeymoon Of The Dead in May. Any other projects for adult readers in the works?
TH: There is at least one. It’s currently titled PRECINCT 13 and is kind of a mash-up of X-Files and CSI, with a heroine who is a medical examiner who, though a magical accident, becomes a necromancer. She’s surrounded by an ensemble cast of quirky, paranormal characters including a tough-guy cop who’s actually a pixie.

4. You write paranormal. Sci-Fi (under a different name), and now YA stories. Is it hard to transition between audiences?
TH: Sometimes. Since I’m writing paranormal/urban fantasy YA, that transition isn’t too difficult. Honestly, I found the switch from science fiction to paranormal romance a bit difficult since I’m incredibly shy about sex – or at least, WRITING about it, anyway.

Going back to my science fiction series after having written paranormal for years was seriously difficult. I must have restarted the SF book a zillion times, much to the frustration of my writers’ group… not to mention my editor, who was incredibly patient as I missed deadline after deadline. That book, RESURRECTION CODE, will finally be out next March (2011) from Mad Norwegian Press. (Whoot!)

I don’t know if this is good or bad, but the voice I used in my Garnet series isn’t too much different from that in the vampire princess series. They’re both chatty and humorous, though Ana is much shier and more serious generally than Garnet. But the way I compose sentences or think about story is nearly identical…. Minus the sex.

5. You are the Mom of a very active seven year old. When do you find the time to write?
TH: He’s actually with me at the coffee shop right now as I reply to this interview. I have to say I lucked out. He’s a big reader and, consequentially, can entertain himself for hours with a good book. Plus, by chance, the school he attends is year round. So I don’t have to deal with a three month break like a lot of the other writers I know who are also parents. He gets three months off, but just not all at once.

6. I find the fact that you are an amateur astrologer and practicing witch fascinating. How much does this impact your writing?
TH: Sometimes I cast charts for characters, though I’ve found something very strange to be true. I can’t use a chart to make up a character, as in randomly generate a birth date and birth place, etc., and expect to get someone fully formed. If I do it that way the charts don’t tend to have a lot of aspects or other indicators of the things a writer would be hoping for like conflict or character flaws.

On the flip side, if someone is already well realized in my head, if I cast a chart, it’s as complex as the image of the person in my head.

Weird, huh?

I will also tell you that I cast Garnet’s chart and, knowing the approximate date of the book’s publication, made sure that all the stuff she referenced as happening in the sky with the planets and such was actually going on.

7. I heard you are a Lost Boys Fan. Would you have been tempted to marry the Head Vampire and lived...err...died happily ever after?
TH: Oh, for sure. For me personally, one of the appeals of being a vampire would be living, or as you suggest, “existing” forever. Maybe it’s the part of me that’s a sci-fi fan… I’d love to see the future – a hundred years or a thousand years from now. I’d be willing to be a bloodsucker to do that. :-)=

I think I would suck a pint or two for a glimpse into the future too!  Great interview Tate!  Thank you so much for visiting with us and congratulations on your new series! 

Almost To Die For is available today, August 3, 2010.  Visit Tate's site to read an excerpt and learn more about her books.  Follow this link to order your copy from Amazon!


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I would not have married the head vampire in Lost Boys but I would have married Kiefer Sutherland - then and now! :-)

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She sounds like such fun!

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