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Go Green! Review/Giveaway: The Wisdom of the Chakras

The Wisdom of the Chakras
Tools for Navigating the Complexity of Life
by, Ellen Tadd
100% Recycled
Lantern Books

Before I get to my review I have to mention this amazing fact...

Because this title is printed on 100% recycled paper, we have saved:

•9 Trees

•4010 Gallons of Water

•2000000 BTUs of Energy

•243 Pounds of Solid Waste

•833 Pounds of Greenhouse Gases
isn't it?

Some twenty years ago, the author-a clairvoyant from youth-began to examine the chakra system to understand the imbalances so prevalent in people today. She found that, in addition to correcting imbalances that hinder our aspirations, the chakras also help us realize the spiritual beings we truly are.

The Wisdom of the Chakras is the result of years of spiritual exploration and counseling. Ellen Tadd shows how the chakra system functions in everyday life; how our thoughts, words, and actions affect this system; and how the chakras shape us. She provides practical exercises that can be integrated easily into daily life to heal each chakra and to attain the alignment needed for a healthy and spiritual life. The author describes each of the seven chakras, their functions, and their individual and interconnected qualities and components. She shows how the chakra system offers a framework and the tools needed to understand common imbalances, helping the reader to integrate their characteristics and create greater harmony and balance in daily life.

The practical answers in The Wisdom of the Chakras will encourage readers to look more deeply into our human nature and begin to see that it is also the nature of the larger cosmos.

My thoughts...While I am familiar with the concept of Chakras, I don't possess any background knowledge of them.  So I went into this book blind.  That being said, the first thing I noticed about this book was the layout.  It was very easy to read as it is divided into sections, each focusing on a particular chakra.  The chapters are not excessively long, so I did not feel burdened with tons of information.  The information provided gave me a strong grasp of what the author was trying to covey and left me with impressions to explore as I considered what I learned. 

As for the content of this book, I have to again say that I am a novice at best.  The book definitely made an impression on me.  The author wrote from several experiences and recommendations  from her spiritual advisers.  At times I craved more scientific explanations (which I know sounds like a contradiction), but I can tell it was written from a place of belief and understanding.  I believe the principles provided can lead to a healthier mental self.  Even if it is just an awareness of ones self and the influences that could damage our well being. 

For readers who have more experience in the area of chakras, this book should be an asset.  It is my understanding that the arrangement of the chapters is a bit nontraditional, however still effective.  Tadd starts with the Crown Chakra, then the third-eye, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the identity, and concludes with the base.  A plan for growth summarizes the book. 

For more information, including ordering information, visit Lantern Books

I am proud to be part of the Green Books Campaign 2010.  It has raised my awareness of the environmental implications of not using recycled paper.  I was shocked at the "savings" accumulated by printing on recycled paper.  I stand in applause to those publishers who take the initiative to preserve our environment for future readers. 
 For more information and to see a complete list of GREEN REVIEWS, visit the Green Books Campaign site

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