Monday, December 13, 2010

Melting Pot Monday

By, Lou Arnonica
January 11, 2011
The Fiction Studio

Do not begin this novel unless you are prepared to be moved, willing to open your heart, and available to the possibility that life can bring you magic.

Chris Astor is a man in his early forties who is going through the toughest stretch of his life.

Becky is Chris’s fourteen-year-old daughter, a girl who has overcome enormous challenges to become a vibrant, vital young woman – and now faces her greatest obstacle yet.

Miea is the young queen of a fantasy land that Becky and Chris invented when Becky was little, a fantasy land that has developed a life of its own and now finds itself in terrible, maybe fatal trouble.

Together, Chris, Becky, and Miea need to uncover a secret. The secret to why their worlds have joined at this moment. The secret to their purpose. The secret to the future. It is a secret that, when discovered, will redefine imagination for all of them.

Blue is a novel of trial and hope, invention and rediscovery. It might very well take you someplace you never knew existed. (from jacket cover)

For more information, visit The Fiction Studio website.
Silver Smoke
by, Monica Leonelle
Spaulding House
November 16, 2010 (goodreads)
February 8, 2011 (Amazon)

A broken family, a deadly secret...
Siblings Pilot and Brie van Rossum are exiled to Honolulu after their mother's tragic death thrusts them into the paparazzi circus ring. It is there that Brie meets the Hallows, a superbeing race descended from archangels, who insist that everything Brie knows about her mother is a lie. Meanwhile, Pilot and his best friend Rykken research an ancient feud between two Hawaiian families and try to unlock the secrets of an emerald pendant with extraordinary powers. (summary from author)
Learn more about the author, Monica Leonelle at Goodreads.  Silver Smoke is available for preorder at Amazon.  You can also find the author at her website.  I found two covers for this book.  I am not sure which one, if either, is the final cover.  I like the top one best.  How about you?


Melissa said...

I've never heard of the author or any of these books! They sound great! Thanks Elie! :)

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I've not heard of these books either, but they both sound good! Hm... I think I like the first cover of Silver Smoke best too. Thanks for the heads up on these books!

Juju at Tales of said...

Oooo I love the sound of Silver Smoke :) Nice find!

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