Monday, March 28, 2011

Melting Pot Monday

Tattoo: The Awakening
by, Toni Leland
Young Adult
March 2011

TATTOO: THE AWAKENING is a contemporary story with supernatural overtones.
Biracial Danielle Clark never dreamed she’d spend her senior year in a hick school full of farmers. Still reeling from the shock of her parents’ separation, Danielle discovers that being neither black nor white in a small rural town makes her a prime target for adolescent cruelty. When she meets Meli, a fearless Native American girl, Danielle becomes mesmerized by her new friend’s WTF outlook on life, and makes an impulsive decision to get a tattoo. Through a series of frightening events, belief in the spiritual power of her tattoo instills Danielle with new insight into human nature, the courage to face the future, and the revelation that she’s the only one in charge of her happiness. TATTOO: THE AWAKENING is a contemporary story with supernatural overtones.
For more information, including purchase links, visit Toni Leland's official website.

Do Not Be Awake
by, Sergio Mendoza
February 2011

—This is not a prize at all —he corrected me—. If you are tired of the world, the world is more tired of you. It is your ineptitude and unpleasant. That is the reason why we have decided that your life ends here.
This is the story of Daniel Boom, and you need read it.

For more information, visit Sergio at his official website. Follow this link to read the first chapter.


Christie - The Fiction Enthusiast said...

I love the cover for Don Not Be Awake.

Juju at Tales of said...

The second one totally reminds me of Stewie from the Family Guy.

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