Thursday, May 26, 2011

Orbit presents...Jaz Parks Shorts

Fans of the late Jennifer Rardin will be pleased to hear that orbit will be releasing a series of "shorts". The first of these digital releases is titled Scouting Jasmine and can be purchased for $1.99.
This month, fans can read the second short, The Golum Hunt which takes place between Biting the Bullet (Book 3) and Bitten to Death (Book 4) of the Jaz Parks Series. In it a rabbi raises a terrifying ancient creature – the golem – to protect his congregation, but the results are far bloodier than he could ever have imagined. Now, Jaz and Vayl, the CIA’s top assassins, must hunt down the golem and end its reign of terror. (orbit)

According to Orbit, here is what fans can look forward to...
Next month, we’ll be releasing, An Evening for Vayl and Jaz. A romantic evening told from both their perspectives. We also have two stories outside of the Jaz Parks universe. In July, we’ll have the Minion Chronicles, a short stories about two college students who get involved with a voodoo queen. And in August, we have the upcoming Zombie Jamboree about a reality TV host who is unprepared for zomibies to take over her TV show.

This will be on my wishlist. Be sure to visit Orbit for all the details!


Nina said...

Never heard of these books before, but they look fun. ;)

Juju at Tales of said...

I'm with Nina. These are new to me but look fun.

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