Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review: Dead Head

Dead Head (Dirty Business Mystery #3)

The talented Rosemary Harris continues to pick up steam, garner acclaim, and collect fans with her quirky, beloved Dirty Business Mystery series Fugitive Mom. That’s the tabloid headline that rocks Springfield, Connecticut when one of the town’s favorite ladies is discovered to be an escaped convict. With a little help from the always game Lucy Cavanaugh, Paula is hired to find out which of her neighbors is a fugitive from the law and why the long-kept secret has finally come out. (goodreads)

My thoughts... Let me begin by saying two things. One, this is not my usual genre, I wanted to read this book solely for the cover. Second, this is book three in the Dirty Business series, which I did not realize until I was part way through the book. Keeping those things in mind, I enjoyed reading Dead Head.

While having a bit more background on the characters may have made it more personal, Harris did a brilliant job of creating a world where readers can jump in and make friends. The characters are interesting, mysterious, and witty, which creates an easy bantor between them. I was lacking a touch of romance, which was implied, but probably built up from previous books. While you could tell these characters had a history, they were easy to fall for and relate to on many levels.

Dead Head had an interesting plot full of mystery, suspicious characters, and cunning villians. I often found myself trying to solve the mystery, but was frequently derailed as new clues were revealed. The story moved at a decent pace, keeping readers engaged in the story. I occasionally found myself a bit lost in the details, but Harris did a great job of wrapping it up in the end.

If you are looking for a great mystery for a rainy day, Dead Head is a great option. There is not any offensive language or explicit scenes that will offend. Fans of the series can continue reading with book 4 in the series, Slugfest.

For more information, visit Rosemary Harris at website or follow the links to Goodreads.


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