Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teacher Tuesday

I have been getting quite a few education related books lately for review. This is good because, well, I'm a teacher. Hope a few others find it useful too!

Strategies for Writing in the Science Classroom is a comprehensive book that will benefit teachers of many grades. While it appears to be geared toward teachers of middle and high school students, elementary school teachers will find some of the strategies very helpful.

The book includes sections that include lab reports, data analysis, complete investigating, and recording observations. The others include the use of tools such as KWL charts, quick lists, key words, and word predictions. This is where adaptions to younger grades can be found. Teachers know the value of KWL charts at any age. The vocabulary activities can be adapted depending on the grade and depth of vocabulary instruction.

The methods in Strategies for Writing in the Science Classroom  are based on national standards for grades 6-12. Some of my favorite features include:
  • Examples of completed projects
  • Adaptations for students including striving learners, ELL students, and accelerated learners
  • Technology sections that provide tips for including technology into the science lesson. They provide links to valuable websites for student and teacher use. She also promoted the use of blogs and twitter for educational purposes.
  • Reproducible pages that can be used for student instruction.
Strategies for Writing in the Science Classroom is a great tool for Science teachers. As a reading specialist, I have found many of the strategies provided to be very successful. When used in content areas, teachers can build a strong foundation for writing.

For more information, find this book on Library Thing.

*This book was provided by the publisher in exchange for my honest review.


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