Thursday, February 2, 2012

YA review: Scored

by, Lauren McLaughlin
October 25, 2011
Set in the future when teenagers are monitored via camera and their recorded actions and confessions plugged into a computer program that determines their ability to succeed. All kids given a "score" that determines their future potential. This score has the ability to get kids into colleges, grant scholarships, or destroy all hope for the above. Scored's reluctant heroine is Imani, a girl whose high score is brought down when her best friend's score plummets. Where do you draw the line between doing what feels morally right and what can mean your future? Friendship, romance, loyalty, family, human connection and human value: all are questioned in this fresh and compelling dystopian novel set in the scarily foreseeable future.

My thoughts...Scored provides readers with a frightening glimpse into a foreseeable future. We live in an age that changes daily with new technology. Our phones can access the Internet, track our locations, and scan bar codes. There are machines that can scan our hands and eyes, check our brainwaves and track our sleep patterns. Keeping that in mind, machines that detect emotions, read facial cues, interpret body language, and track our social patterns are not that hard to imagine. In Scored, people live in such scenario and live  based on the computers interpretation of their lives. Camera's hang from virtually everywhere in this small town, recording people's every move, choice of words, friends, even what they do in their free time.

The characters in this story are divided into scored and unscored. Just by associating with an unscored, a high score could be destroyed.  Imani, the heroine of the story, finds herself making some hard decisions about her future. While reading, I immediately felt her anguish. The decisions she makes now could have a huge impact on her whole future. Many of the characters in the story struggle with the control the score has over their lives.

Lauren McLaughlin crafted an interesting dystopian world. I was instantly drawn in and devoured the book. The story integrated interesting characters, romantic dilemmas, social issues, and enough action to keep me turning pages.  It was an interesting concept and McLaughlin presented it in a way that leaves you thinking. There were a few things I hoped would be explored more, so my fingers are crossed for a sequel!

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Lenore Appelhans said...

Thanks for participating in Dystopian February!

the epic rat said...

SCORED sounds great! I tend to like stories about the high vs low scorers in society and how it impacts relationships, perceptions, etc. especially when the score may not be rigged.

Thanks for the review :)

justin said...

cant tell what about

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