Thursday, July 26, 2012

YA review: CIN

Short Synopsis:
Seventeen year old Lisa Brown’s life is falling apart. First, her mother and father divorce, then their house forecloses and now, her mother has decided to commit herself to a psychiatric hospital.
If that weren’t enough, she must leave sunny south Florida to attend a boarding school full of geniuses in cold, Lynn, Massachusetts. The city where the locals chant “Lynn, Lynn, city of sin; you never come out the way you went in.”
And, they aren’t kidding. Lisa must live in a tiny shack with two strange teenagers, a dog named Pig who growls when you look at him and a cat named Rat. “Mind the cat,” everyone says. What the heck is wrong with this place?
Lisa thinks she’s landed in her own house of horrors with the anti-social Alex and his facetious sister Ally. But, the real drama begins the day she is struck by lightning… (author website)

My thoughts...CIN author Christina Leigh Pritchard created a complex universe with deep characters. She crafted a web of details that draw the reader in and keep them tangled.

CIN is one of those books I had a hard time putting down. The ebook was about 130 pages long and I devoured all of them. Initially I found it a bit rough around the edges. There was some wording that sounded confusing and parts of the dialogue stalled occasionally. These things aside, there was a strong story and great world building.

The characters are at times immature and spoiled, however, they are teenagers acting like teenagers. Lisa, the heroine, gets deposited by her unstable mother smack dab in the middle of crazy town. The other teens, and her aunt, don't exactly welcome Lisa with open arms. I also discovered some unexpected characters who stole my heart.

CIN moves at a rapid pace. At times I found it a bit predictable, but Pritchard did such a great job storytelling, that I couldn't stop reading. She build an elaborate world that left tons of possibilities for future books. I am adding this to my series list. It wasn't perfect, but CIN left me intrigued enough to want more.
For more information, visit the authors website.

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Tina Pritchard said...

Thank you for your review!! I can't wait to see who wins tomorrow!

Christina Leigh Pritchard
Author of the C I N Series

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