Friday, September 28, 2012

Challenge: Review Copy Wipeout

So to help me catch up from my unexplained... (cough) absence, I decided to join this clever challenge to help me along...

Review Copy Wipeout

The Goal?
To read as many of your remaining 2012 review pile as you can.

Beginning October 1st through December 31st, The Book Monsters will be hosting Review Copy Wipeout. 

(from The Book Monsters site)
There will be all sorts of fun to be had throughout the event.

You can sign up at anytime before the challenge. Sign ups close October 15th. As a special bonus, those who sign up prior to October 1st, will be entered into a special giveaway. Just their way of saying thanks.

Any book that you have received for review in 2012 counts towards the challenge, regardless if the book is physical or ebook, all genres and lengths are welcome!

Want to join the fun?? Visit The Book Monsters!!


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