Monday, October 29, 2012

Melting Pot Monday

YA Paranormal Romance
Violet Darcey is a seventeen year old girl in love with the spooky, romantic worlds of gothic literature. Even after more than a few sleepless nights of nightmares, she refuses to blame her books. But as she tries to chase away her haunting dreams, she comes face to face with the arrogant Alexander, who claims not only to be a Nightmare, but the fear of hell.
Alexander is trapped inside the confines of her mind and he wants out–at any cost. As Alexander begins to starve without human fear and Violet begins to suffer from narcolepsy, a solution appears that accidentally pulls Violet into the Isle of Morpheus where Dreams and Nightmares rest on the brink of civil war. With her own time running out, Violet must choose between trusting the Nightmare that broke her circadian clock or freeing the imprisoned Dream Queen.
Read the first book for free on Smashwords or Figment. Or, you can buy it for .99 cents on Amazon.

Buy the second book on Amazon, or if you don’t have a Kindle or the desire to download the free Kindle-reading software, it’s available in other formats to buy on Smashwords.

Part Three: Night Terror is due out Nov. 10th.
For more information, visit McKelle George at this website.


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