Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why I YA

I have not always been such a ravenous reader. It started for me with
 the Sookie Series by Charlaine Harris.
Dead Ever After
Then to satisty my craving for vampires, I discovered
the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer.
This is where things get crazy. I realized I LOVE YA books. Sure, I still delve into the world of adult literature but I LOVE YA.
Other early favorites...
MarkedGlass Houses (The Morganville Vampires, #1)
My passion grew, as did the number of books I read and the ferocity in which I devoured them.
Which leads me to my list of :
WHY I LOVE YA (even though I'm not)
1. Almost buy not quite. There is such a build-up of emotions (I am referring to the physical ones) and then plenty left to the imagination or exchange of vows.
2. The innocence. Yes sometimes the characters do really dumb, stupid, hair-pullingly-frustrating things, but I love to shake my head and read about the repercussions.
3. The LOVE. I love the first love scenario. It's usually messy and unfortunate but I think most of us, deep down really enjoy it.
4. The characters. Some you love, some you love to hate, but they keep us coming back for more.
5. My blog. Yes, this one seems out of place here. But I enjoy blogging (usually) and love sharing my love for YA with others (when I find time).
6. YA authors. They are the coolest! Enough said.
7. Bridges. I am a teacher. These books give me a common ground with teens and other YA fans.
OK, there you have it. So off I go to read the latest YA on my stack.
Happy Reading
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