Saturday, December 29, 2012

Cover Love 2012 (top 10) plus my WORST

Here are my favorite covers for 2012 (in no particular order)
The Farm by, Emily McKay
*This makes me want to read with the lights ON! She looks scared and desperate. LOVE IT!
Series Cover...
Endlessy (Paranormalcy 3) by, Kiersten White
Half Face...
*I think the girl is very pretty and I love the decorative shading and moodiness of the cover.
Cinder by, Marissa Meyer
*I just love it, plain and simple.
Everneath by, Brodi Ashton
*I want this dress!
Just a Boy...
The Lost Prince by, Julie Kagawa
*It's not so much about the boy in this pic, but the connection to the rest of the books. They look so pretty on my shelf and they stay true. I despise it when book covers drastically change in a series.
Dreamless by, Josephine Angelini
*I'm a sucker for a sunset and her shadowed face leaves some mystery.
Insurgent by, Veronica Roth
*I think the colors in this cover really appease me. The tree feels organic, yet turbulent.
Sci-Fi (2)...
A Million Suns by, Beth Revis
*oooohhh, pretty! I love that they are staring into the galaxy.
Of Posidon by, Anna Banks
*I love the simplicity of this cover and the font.
OK... the WORST COVER...
A Beautiful Evil by Kelly Keaton
*Kelly, I am sorry. I adore you and your books, but this cover drives my bonkers. The colors are great and I LOVE the hair. It's just the hands... the hands don't quite work. Is that position even possible? If so it can't be very comfortable.
This post does not speak of the stories, only their covers
(especially A Beautiful Evil).
Links go back to goodreads.
What were your favorites of 2012?


Karielle Stephanie said...

A Beautiful Evil's cover designer used Photoshop wrong! LOL it looks like the girl's hands should be crossed over her chest but then her thumbs should be facing inwards. It just looks awkward now.

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