Friday, August 9, 2013

YA review: Uprising

Imagine wielding the powers of Gods and Goddesses. Maybe you desire abilities to teleport, transform, manipulate, maim or even kill. What if your enemies held these powers? With these abilities, would come great responsibility and power. Elyse, the heroine of Uprising, once again faces these challenges and more.
Book two of the Children of the Gods series picks up where Oppression left off. Elyse finds herself in a leadership role with a small army of descendants looking her for guidance. All of my favorite and not-so-favorite characters made an appearance. They showed a great deal of growth since the first book. As old as these descendants are, their experiences advance their maturity.

There was plenty of excitement in book two. Action, frustration, danger, and some devastating events that will leave you speechless and more than a little concerned about the beloved characters. Therrien has an unique writing style that does a brilliant job of helping the reader to visualize the world. She paints a vivid picture of what the characters are feeling and it helps the reader feel what the characters are experiencing.

I would recommend readers to start with Oppression to build their understanding of Therrien's world. The writing is easy to understand, the characters are interesting and this series should delight YA fans of all ages.

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